Air-Core Blow Molding, Suction Blow Molding
Air-Core Blow Molding, Suction Blow Molding

Air-Core® - Blow Molding Made Better

With Air-Core blow molding, designs that were once impossible to achieve using conventional blow molding are now viable, with much less capital expenditure. The Air-Core blow molding process allows us to do everything from adding a blow molded detail in the middle of a tube to making 3D blow molded parts with multiple angles. This is not possible with a traditional blow molding process.

Air-Core blow molding also makes it possible to incorporate components that are made of other materials including metal brackets, studs and nuts while providing multi layer capabilities.

In addition to the expanded design possibilities, consider these benefits:

  • Improved burst performance over blow molding
  • Accommodates 3D shapes not possible with blow molding
  • Eliminates parting lines and improves part integrity
  • Enhanced dimensional stability
  • Appropriate for flexible and rigid materials
  • Tight radii made possible
  • Lower tooling costs
  • Lower prototype and production costs
  • Minimal redesign costs
  • Compatible with all thermoplastics
  • Less capital expenditure than suction blow molding
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