Mercury Plastics - Custom Profile Extruders - Polymer Cross-linking
Mercury Plastics - Custom Profile Extruders - Polymer Cross-linking

The Cross-Linked Polymer Advantage

Mercury Plastics, Inc. has extensive experience in cross–linking different polymers including polyethylene (PEX, PEX-C), nylon, flexible PVC, etc., using irradiation (e-beam) technology. Our in house e–beam facility has allowed us to enhance the properties of these materials, thereby developing unique materials such as PEX OT and PAX ETG61, which has many benefits over nylon 11 and nylon 12.

Cross–linking polymers has certain performance advantages associated with it. Improved burst strength, heat tolerance, decreased permeability, better abrasion resistance and extended product life are just a few.

Irradiation cross-linking sterilizes the tubes making it useful for healthcare, food and potable water applications. The use of this method allows Mercury Plastics to maximize extrusion rates, reduce cost, and maintain consistency and quality, high control over the cross–linking process and minimal turn around time. This method is a good alternative to the silane or peroxide (engel) method.

cross-linkingMercury Plastics has invested in the electron beam processing plant in spite of the high initial cost of installation through a strategic alliance with Kent State University. This 25,000 square foot facility has allowed us to gain extensive experience using e-beam processing to cross-link a myriad of polymers and develop unique materials.

This is just one more technology that we use in combination with our other capabilities to offer you products that deliver the best possible performance for the lowest possible cost.

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