Mercury Plastics Materials Used in Plastic Extrusions and Plastic Profiles
Mercury Plastics Thermoplastic Extrusions

Innovation in Materials

Superior Plastic Products From Superior Raw Materials

When it comes to material specification and design, Mercury Plastics offers a level of expertise unmatched in the industry.

With Mercury Plastics, you get the know-how that comes from our 40 years of plastics industry experience but that's not all. Our focus on emerging products and technologies means we will carefully consider all material and production options to ensure the best possible specification for each and every project.

Over the years, we have also developed unique solutions to address our customers' specific needs. For instance, our PEX OT® cross-linked polyethylene was originally developed for potable water distribution, and offers properties that deliver the lowest odor and taste.

Specifically designed as a reduced cost alternative to materials such as nylon 11 and nylon 12, which are typically specified for fuel, vacuum and hydraulic lines, our PAX ETG61 nylon/olefin alloy is another example of Mercury Plastics' innovation.

Our capability to make the most appropriate specification for your particular application is just one thing that sets Mercury Plastics apart.