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Injection Overmolding

Better Connections with Injection Overmolding

Parts produced using injection overmolding are less expensive and perform better. This injection molding process allows for improved connections without the need for conventional connective techniques. It enables us to eliminate the need for separate molded parts that are typically attached to extruded parts such as end caps, quick connects, fittings, etc.

  • Eliminates clamps, adhesives and heat-sealing
  • Improved structural strength and integrity
  • Enhanced performance and product life
  • Appropriate for all thermoplastics including TPE, polypropylene, polyethylene, metallocene, nylons, PEX and flexible or rigid PVC
  • Eliminates leak points providing air tight attachment
  • Rigid and flexible connections possible
  • Allows the joining of two tubes or profiles together
  • Reduces assembly operations and costs
  • Reduces sku's

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