Mercury Plastics, Inc.
Plastics Processing and In-Line Fabrication

One-Stop Plastics Processing and Fabricating

Mercury Plastics' comprehensive array of plastics processing and fabrication solutions makes your design job easier, simplifies project management and raises production efficiencies.

We combine our engineering expertise with our multi-faceted capabilities to offer you distinct advantages:

  • Fewer suppliers through broad single-source capabilities
  • Minimized tooling and retooling costs
  • Reduced pre-production and production lead times
  • Lower shipping and overhead costs
  • Engineering changes are streamlined

Let Mercury Plastics review your new or existing products for increased efficiency and cost savings.

Our expert engineers are adept at combining our wide range of capabilities to deliver the very best design solution possible.

Call us at 440-632-5281 or send an email to discuss your needs.

To view images that illustrate our broad range of capabilities, visit our Capabilities Library.